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There are moments in life when things seem to come full circle. Becoming a Funeral Celebrant and focusing my career on Grief and Loss is full circle in my personal story.

My grief journey began at the age of eleven when my sister-in-law was killed in a plane crash. Unable to attend her funeral, to openly talk about her death or ask the many questions I had, left me to conclude many unhealthy things about life and death. This was the shaky foundation upon which all my other losses were built, causing me to live less than my best self for many years.

I firmly believe that if you don’t grieve well, you don’t live well. This belief, coupled with my own personal story, education and experience fuels my passion to journey with others who experience loss.

We often think of loss through the narrow lens of “death” but there are so many other losses in life that need to be ‘grieved well.’ This could be the loss of a job, an income, a relationship, a home, our health, a dream; the list seems endless.

Whether as a Coach, Communicator, or Celebrant, I am passionate about encouraging you to move through your loss, beyond your challenges and strive for health, wellness and wholeness in your everyday life.

My experience includes 20 years of leading and mentoring individuals. I possess a Bachelor of Theology, am an Adler certified Professional Coach and hold a Bereavement and Grief certificate from the University of Toronto.

In August 2017, I moved my business from the Toronto area to Kelowna, British Columbia.

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What others say about Pam Moss

“Pam Moss has a sensitivity and warmth about her that we felt immediately comfortable with, and while she spoke during the service it was like she knew our mom. She incorporated our stories into the service and made it incredibly personal. Her attention to detail and the ability to capture who my mom was will remain a special memory in our hearts as well! She is absolutely wonderful!”